Another day, another grind!  I’ve heard it said a million times before and I’ve felt it’s reality in my own life.  How bout you? One day at a time.  Honestly it’s been my mantra over the past few weeks.  Just get through today, just get done today what needs done, worry about tomorrow when it comes.  The truth is this mindset has been healthy in some ways and times in my life.  To not worry about tomorrow, to not fear what lies ahead in the darkness of the time that has yet to come.  But somehow in that perspective I have started to feel a disconnection within my heart.  Because if you live long enough in the day to day grind a slow seeping lie can creep it’s way in.  Just get through.  Just get through.  It will work it’s way into life and belief and faith.  Just get through, something better is coming.  Just get through till Jesus returns.  Just get through until that great and glorious day when all things will be made new.  I’ve lived there and at first glance it sounds pretty awesome!  There is a great day coming, we believe that don’t we?  I do! So why the feeling of disconnect in my heart?

That disconnect leads me to a question that I feel God asked me today.  What if that great day coming is today?  What if it’s right here right now?  What if He has in mind to do the recreating now and check this out, what if He wants to do the recreating through you?!

Check out this quote from “The Tangible Kingdom”  A book I will be talking about for the next few of my blog posts.  You can order it here from amazon.

“ The idea of God’s kingdom is now relegated to the realm of heaven, the
afterlife, and we just assume that we won’t get to see God and His beautiful
redemptive plan until we pass over. The church therefore becomes something we
may not need any more something that at its best is worth only our recreational
enjoyment. Our massive hope about God, His Kingdom, and our place in a unique
community of people who change the world is all but dead, and we are left
feeling like the searcher who wants in but who is reluctant to face the dangers
of navigating our collective faith and purpose.”

Wow, yes that’s it, that’s the disconnect!  What if we are meant to see God’s beautiful redemptive plan play out in the world right now?  God says that we are new creations in 2 Cor. 5:17-19 and that He has given us the ministry of reconciliation!  He has given us the job of connecting the world to Him!  God calls us to pray, “Our Father who is in heaven, holy is your name, your KINGDOM Come on earth as it is in heaven.”  He calls us to pray for His Kingdom to come now!  Through you!  Through me!  Wow what an amazing challenge, one that will make me think twice the next time I tell someone I’m taking one day at a time!  Maybe I should be saying, I’m remaking the world one day at a time!

Pondering His New Creation today!


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