The Great Unknown

First let me say thank you and welcome!  It is my hope that through this blog we can have an ongoing conversation together, that we can ponder the mystery and wonder of our foundness!  That amazing, ongoing event of being with Jesus, what a wonder it truly is.  You and I are afforded the great opportunity to be with the King of all Kings.  No, even better said, we have the opportunity to be ONE with the King of Kings!! Now there is something to truly ponder!

As we make our way towards our time together on Sunday lets think on this being One thing.  What does it have to do with the question “Who am I?”

Take a gander at the book of John 17:20-22.   What does it mean to be one with God?  Pondering that question today… What do you think it means and even deeper still what effect does God intend for it to have on our everyday living?  I would love to hear your thoughts, you can use the comment box below to share!

I pray that through the coming weeks and months this would be a place where we can journey together consuming the sweet nectar of God’s living word!  I will be using this blog as way to share my own personal thoughts and ponderings on scripture as well as thoughts from other books that I’m reading.  I would love it if you would join me.  The book I’m currently digging through is “The Tangible Kingdom”  by Hugh Halter, you can pick it up here.

Also from time to time I will have guest bloggers join me from our church family!  People whom I believe God has gifted to share from their hearts through the written word.  Nicole Sizemore is one of those people and you will be hearing from Nicole in our next weeks ponderings.

Now all that’s left to do is, well, get to pondering!

Walking with you,


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