Wanted to share something with you that encouraged me and made me think this week. I read something in a book I’m reading, (Living Prayer by Robert Benson) “This gift of our brokenness is often the only gift that we can give or receive with any real honesty and with any real hope and with any real power. We do not demonstrate our faith when we live in the light, we show our faith when we live through the dark.”

What amazing truth, and for me it was a challenge and encouragement to see the dark places of my life as God’s opportunity to shine His love into the lives of others. I love that God deems useful and for His purposes what I would often times rather forget. It makes me pause when I try and leave behind my dark moments rather than see God use the as a point of transparency and connection with those around me who may have or are experiencing the same sort of circumstance. A point that draws our attention to two of our E-ssentials for leadership. Engage in community: Healthy community happens when we expose our true selves to others. I want to encourage you to keep this at the front of your heart and mind as you lead, put yourself out there, yes you may get hurt you may on occasion have your trust broken, but you also provide an opportunity for God to use your openness to change and transform the life of another! Express core values: we know through experience that in order for others to be real they must first be given permission by someone else…YOU! What a gift you can give someone else who may be struggling, the freedom to share who they truly are and what they may be facing!

I praise God and am praying for you today, that God would challenge us all to show our faith in the dark times and put His provision and faithfulness in our lives on display for the world to see!

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