Fun fact about me: I have to be creative before I can write. So here’s my creation of the day:


(I do know it’s not Monday, but it still works and the coffee is needed just as much) This past Sunday we talked about salt and it’s meaning, but we started off with the question: Is the world getting better or worse and why?  I’ve thought about this question a lot over the course of this week. Is the world really getting any better or worse? You can pinpoint politics, destruction, or environmental factors and decide upon an answer one way or the other. Or you can think about it differently. I think that there has always been destruction and negative things happening, even thousands of years ago. And I think there also has always been beauty, creation, and hope. friend, a wonderful family, incredible best friends, and I’m healthy. But as I made the point last week, sometimes the way we view things depends upon our situation. As I shared, I went through a season in middle school/early high school where my dad had cancer. I know every person has had some sort of connection and heartbreak associated with cancer. It was a dark time, and I didn’t think the world was getting better. I was sad, hurting, and unsure why God was doing this. This horrible disease that was taking my healthy dad away from me – God was allowing that.

Circumstance determines our outlook.

I also shared that I had the opportunity to go on a cross-cultural spring break trip with my school this year. I visited Kansas City, Chicago, and Indianapolis and many ministries within those cities. I fell in love with a city for the very first time and that was Kansas City; I’m itching to go back. During this time, I saw God’s awesome creation and what His people were doing in these cities. To me, the world was great. I was with incredible people, and falling in love with my creator and these cities.

Circumstance determines our outlook.

Pastor Jon’s sermon was about much more than this; he spoke about being the salt of the earth. There are many things that keep us from being salt. Is it your outlook on the world? That it’s so bad, it can’t be reversed? Do you think that somebody else can just do it? Someone more qualified? Is it because of rules and legalism? Are you just complacent, since the world will blow up eventually anyway?

I don’t know what it is.

But I do know, that we have a responsibility to be the salt of the earth, and the light of the world – even if we don’t have it all together.

Are you living out what you believe this week?

Is your outlook distorting your view of the Kingdom?

Is there something in your way?

I encourage you to recognize your area of weakness and share it with someone.  Allow this person to keep you accountable. As followers of Christ it is important to be LIVING IT OUT, and we cannot do that alone!

“When we live out what we believe we show the world God’s Kingdom Now!”

See you this weekend!

Grace & Peace,


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