Abound Ep. 6

There are those moments in life that we experience that seem to have a profound effect on us.  Shaping how we will live from that point on.  It was one such moment that I recently experienced that did just that in me.  I had had one of those weeks where every evening I ended up being away from home.  I walked into the door late one night towards the end of the week, the kids were in bed by then and to my surprise Morgan my oldest was standing at the top of the stairs.  She had a big smile on her face, partly because she new she was up far longer than she was supposed to be, but also, as I was soon to find out, because she missed me.  She ran down the stairs and gave me a big hug and said “Daddy, I love you!”  It was a sweet moment. It felt great to have my daughter in my arms and I returned her act of love with a huge hug and my own “I love you baby!”…

… And then God entered that perfect moment and ruined it all!!

She followed the big I love you with a “when are you gonna be home again daddy?”  Instantly I was crushed.  It was one of those moments that has had a profound effect on me since.  God used the love of my little girl to open my eyes once again to what is most important!

Isn’t it interesting how God uses love to draw our attention to what’s most important in life?  That longing glance from our kids, that act of unexpected kindness, a sacrifice that we are all unworthy of.


Love opens our eyes to what really matters in life, it teaches us, it gives us an example to follow.

Paul knows that love, more specifically God’s love, is what open’s our eyes to the things that really matter in life.  The things we should be spending our time and giving our attention to.  The things that matter most to Him!

Philippians 1:9-11, take a moment and check it out.

“that your love might become even more and more rich with knowledge and insight.  I pray this so that you will be able to decide what really matters.”

The next time you come into contact with love or are in a situation where you feel the need to express love to someone else lets also allow God to teach us over and over what is most important in this life.

And in so doing we find that we are becoming more like Jesus, that it’s His love that is flowing in and through us.

Grace & Peace


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