This Sunday at Living Hope Church and Journey, we are kicking off a new series titled, “Forward: A Journey Through Philippians”.  This 7 week series will work through the major passages in the book written to the church in Philippi.


Since we are preaching 7 sermons through this book, there is a lot of content we will be unable to talk about on Sundays.  So we have decided to blog throughout this series, sharing our thoughts on passages we aren’t going to be able to get into on Sundays.

Pastor Paul Dazet and friends will be sharing some posts on his blog, and me and my friends will post thoughts here.  Our hope is to generate conversation on this great letter that was written nearly 2000 years ago and speaks to us today.

The book of Philippians was written by Paul with the help of Timothy. It see written on 62 AD while Paul was in prison, Philippians 1:7-13. Paul sent the letters to Epaphroditus who was the leader of the church of Phillipi and helped Paul with his ministry.

The book of Philippians was written to express Paul’s gratitude and affection for the people of the Philippians church who were his supporters and warns of Jewish legalism.

He also speaks encouraging words about humanity and unity. He gives advice on how to live a joyful Christian life. Throughout the book of Philippians Paul continues to speak of being joyful, content and victorious even though he’s gone through severe hardship, illness and beatings. Paul repeats himself and speaks of rejoicing in The Lord for ALL things.

Stop back by tomorrow for Part 2 of our Philippians Blog series with – Better Call Saul.

Also make sure you grab your copy of the Chronicle on Sunday and encounter God throughout the week with continued reading, reflection questions and prayer!

Believing great things are ahead!


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