I don’t often think of myself as Spirit do you? Flesh and blood, here and now, present maybe, but spirit? so much of who I am is Spirit. It’s at the core of who we are, it’s how God intended for us to exist from the moment he breathed life into our lungs. And it’s through this spirit that God intends to have and in all of us restore our connection with Him that was damaged so long ago. When flesh entered the picture. Flesh. Controlling, God defying, self absorbed flesh. We have a much more familiar attachment to flesh, tied to us from the moment of our birth flesh enters the scene of our lives. It’s no wonder this Spirit thing seems so foreign to us at first, but I’m learning how natural this Spirit thing can be. Reading through Romans still this month and God stopped me on chapter 8 tonight, take a minute and read it. In its words you will find I believe a key to an intimacy with God that I know I still have yet to really discover in the fullness he has planned for me.

those who live according to the sinful nature (the flesh) have their minds set on what that nature desires; BUT those who live in accordance with, in harmony, unified, intimately connected with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.

The chapter calls us to enter into this Spirit life. In all the connections that can be formed on this earth the connection of spirit is most intimate. Where thought and desire become intertwined, where passion is unified with purpose and desire for intimate relationship is shared between two joined as one. It brings to mind the connection between a husband and a wife, but how much more deeply connected can we be with a God who is wholly Spirit and fully love. How I long to enter into that intimacy, where His thoughts are mine, His heart beats in step with my own, His passion and purpose becomes the desire of my every breath. Romans 8, good stuff, food for life!

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