Beginnings, starting points, full of potential, excitement.  We all know the feeling, the butterflies that come when we stand at the precipice of something new.  We gaze upon the unlimited possibilities before us.  Hope spurs us on, fear holds us back.  We battle with our emotions, should we, shouldn’t we.  It will be hard, complicated, awesome, amazing!  What an amazing thing beginnings are, but there is one thing all beginning have in common.  That first very real, scary step forward.  That first step out into the unknown, that first all important step.  Some of us take that step with hands clenched and eyes closed, stumbling into the unknown unaware.  Some of us plan and organize, analyze and evaluate all possible routs of that first step, excell sheets tracking the results in hopes of planning the next perfect step.  Some of us just stand paralyzed foot half raised in the air, breath held within our lungs and…then…nothing.  Nope can’t do it and that first step hangs in perpetual stillness.  No matter our differences the first step awaits all beginnings.  Waiting to take us into the vast possibilities of our hopeful future.  Take a look at Exodus 14.  It tells of an amazing beginning with an equally amazing first step.  Pursued by an angry army, walls of water unnaturally held up on either side and a dark slippery sea bottom path that let to who knows where…a promise…a beginning. The only way the promise would be realized though is if they took that all important step into the unknown, into the darkness.   A beginning that led them to promise, provision, hope, joy, fulfillment, failure, loss, captivity, but most importantly was part of the plan that eventually led us to Christ.  Beginnings are truly amazing things.  So with that in mind today I am taking a first step into the beginning of this fun little blog that will I know challenge me and who knows else in this amazing journey God calls us to join Him on.  And maybe just maybe, just around that bend in the road, another beginning awaits us all.

Pondering of a found man,
Psalm 63!

One thought on “Beginnings

  1. Nice take on new beginnings something I know I always fear and analyze as much as possible way a challenge to take on something to think about

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